Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Gang Trouble

When Ben Harper has a heart attack, his fifteen year old daughter, Rose, and eight year old son, Jim, decide to relieve their father of all his stress. Things are going well until Jim has a run in with the Bulldog gang and is rescued by the Rebel leader, Adrian Kingly.

The situation becomes more and more complicated, and Rose is forced to become part of the Rebels. She tries to shield her dad from the problems in their lives, but only succeeds in upsetting him by her secrecy.

When Ben Harper dies, Rose is hounded by guilt. She tries to place the blame, first on God, then on Adrian, but her big problem stems from the fact that she can’t forgive herself.

You won’t want to set this novel down until you have read all the way through to its happy conclusion.

The plot for Gang Trouble was created by young people who understand the joys and sorrows of living on a First Nations Reserve in the North.

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